Kyra Blue Wine Bag

The beautiful blue color and sophisticated design add a touch of class to any bottle of wine. Crafted with premium materials, this wine bag provides both style and protection, ensuring your precious bottle arrives in impeccable condition.

Our wine bags are perfect carriers to tote a bottle to your next party or event.

  • Neoprene
  • Printed On Both Sides
  • Holds one 750ml Wine Bottle
  • Corkscrew Included
  • Ships in 7-10 Business Days

The sturdy handle offers convenience and easy transportation, while the secure closure keeps your wine securely in place. Whether you're attending a dinner party or looking for a special gift, the Clairebella Kyra Blue Wine Bag is the epitome of elegance and refinement. Cheers to style and sophistication!

$ 38.00
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