Wallpaper Measuring Guide

We strongly recommend having your space measured by a professional before ordering. We do not recommend allowing for doors and windows. It is always better to have extra, than not enough. Our paper is printed in small runs and if you run out and have to order an extra roll, it is likely that the color will be slightly different. 

Each wallpaper from our collection has it's unique vertical repeat. This needs to be taken into account when ordering paper. The formula is not as simple as calculating wall square footage alone. 

1. Measure your room or wall to be papered. Figure the width of your wall(s) by the height. Example a 4’ x 5’ room with 8’ ceilings will be 4 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 18 x 8 = 144 sq feet.
2. Determine how many strips you will need. Our papers vary in width...some are 24” width and some are 27’ width. We will use the 24” paper for this example. 18’ = 216”. 216”/24” = 9 strips. We recommend rounding up at least 2 strips for waste or mistakes. This example would then call for 11 strips.
3. Determine the strip length. Take the height of your wall and add 6” - 8” for trim at the top and bottom. In our example, 8 x 12 = 96” + 8” = 104”.
4. Add the wallpaper repeat to this number. I will use 12.25” repeat for this example.104” + 12.25” = 116.25”.
5. Divide the length of the double roll by this number. Our papers are 30’ long. 360”/116.25 = 3.09 strips per double roll. This example called for 11 strips, so you would need 4 double rolls. 

HGTV has some great DIY projects for leftover paper here.